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Baby Lamp Chops With Yogurt Mint Sauce (Substitute for Lamb Included!)


Posted by Mariah | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 01-04-2011


I think I’ve stumbled upon the latest food trend just now. First there was bacon. Now, it’s food made out of babies for babies.  I was so moved by this recipe by the famous model/mother/foodie/boho blogger of Weelicious and her decision to overcome her “fear” of eating lamb so she could feed it to her two young children that I just had to post it. She really took one for the team, let me tell you, and made up this delicious recipe, “My kids must not have inherited my distaste for lamb because my two little carnivores proceeded to voraciously dip the chops in the yogurt mint sauce and pick the bones clean of any trace of meat. They were in heaven to say the least. I could swear the look on both of their faces meant, ‘why have you never given us this before?!’”

Wow! This is incredibly impressive. Here I thought I was doing well getting my kids to eat their hummus with a spoon and gobble up asparagus soup like little fiends, but no. When you can get your babies to eat other babies, you have gone to a whole nother level.

So, why not give this a try? If you cant find a baby lamb in your backyard or at your local farm, why not go for a kitten, or better yet, a nice baby rabbit. I’m sure there’s lots of those around this time of year, what with Easter and what not. Go crazy!

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Hahahaha…I’m thinking of a whole nest of baby bunnies under my porch! Hope they are safe from the carnivores in my neighborhood.

Hey, Mariah. NOT our lambs! OR our black
netherland doe’s bunnies, either. But all this re
children and great, interesting, delicious food!
Good to meet you at Roots this week and glad to
to serve you through CSA–call us or Ann.
Spinach and baby kale to market today!
Loyd J.

Good to know, Loyd. Thanks for checking out the blog. Where are you selling your spinach and kale?

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